9th International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy

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Program and Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule and Programs (SPM Roadmap, Oral, Poster Session)
are shown bellow. (PDF version is also available.)

Oral presentation

An oral presentation should be planned for 15 minutes of talk followed by 5 minutes of discussion; in no case there will be more than 20 minutes time available.
Please make sure to have your notebook prepared at the time of presentation and have a safety copy of your presentation available.

LCD projector

We prepare a 4 channel PC switcher for LCD projector Please connect your notebook computer to the switcher during the coffee break before your presentation for smooth procedure. Preferable operating system is Windows XP, 2000, Mac OS 9.2 or later. The LCD projector may not be able to display properly for other operating system.

Poster presentation

For the preparation of a poster, please make sure it fits in an area of 180 cm width by 210 cm height. This area is suitable to present a poster in A0 format either in landscape or portrait format.
Poster presenters in "Poster Session I" needs your poster to be posted on the appropriate display board by 12:00 in July 17 and removed by 19:00 in July 17.
Poster presenters in "Poster Session II" needs your poster to be posted on the appropriate display board by 12:00 in July 18 and removed by 11:00 in July 20.

Conference Schedule (to view details, click on the session title)
hour Sun. 16, July Mon. 17, July Tue. 18, July Wed. 19, July Thu. 20, July
8:30 Registration Registration Registration Registration
9:00 Opening Remarks Instrumentation and techniques I Tip-sample interaction and atomic distinction I Atomic scale manipulation and assembly of nanostructures I
9:20 Atomic resolution imaging on molecular system I
10:20 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:50 Atomic resolution imaging on molecular system II Instrumentation and techniques II
11:00 Registration
Tip-sample interaction and atomic distinction II Atomic scale manipulation and assembly of nanostructures II
11:40 Closing Remarks
11:50 Lunch on your own
Lunch on your own
12:00 Lunch on your own
12:45 Awarding Ceremony
13:00 Special Session on "SPM Roadmap"

(15:00-16:30 & 17:00-18:00(at the entrance of Welcome party)
13:30 Imaging biological molecules under various conditions I Measuring nanoscale magnetic and electronic properties I
13:40 Atomic resolution imaging on insulators and oxides I
14:30 Coffee break Coffee break
14:40 Coffee break
15:00 Imaging biological molecules under various conditions II Measuring nanoscale magnetic and electronic properties II
15:20 Atomic resolution imaging on insulators and oxides II
16:20 Poster Session I
[Coffee Service]
Poster Session II
[Coffee Service]
17:30 Welcome Party at Quality Hotel 2F "Valencia"
18:00 Banquet at Portpia Hote South Wing 1F "Ohwada"

Special Session on "SPM Roadmap" (Sun. 16, July)
hour contents
13:00-13:15 SPM Roadmaps Seizo Morita 15 min
13:15-13:40 STM Masahiko Tomitori 5 min
AFM Yasuhiro Sugawara 5 min
NSOM Toshiharu Saiki 5 min
Discussion 10 min
13:40-14:05 Electric Force Microscopes Masakazu Nakamura 5 min
Capacitance Microscopes Yoshitugu Nakagawa 5 min
Dielectric Microscopes Yasuo Cho 5 min
Discussion 10 min
14:05-14:35 Coffee Break 30 min
14:35-15:00 Nanotube Tips Masamichi Yoshimura 5 min
DFM in Liquids Hirofumi Yamada 5 min
High-speed AFM Toshio Ando 5 min
Discussion 10 min
15:00-15:40 Application to Biomaterials Atsushi Ikai 5 min
Application to Polymers Ken Nakajima 5 min
Application to Molecules Shukichi Tanaka 5 min
Application to Catalysts Hiroshi Onishi 5 min
Application to Semiconductor Devices Koji Usuda 5 min
Discussion 15 min
15:40-16:10 Coffee Break 30 min
16:10-16:35 SPM Theories Masaru Tsukada 20 min
Discussion 5 min
16:35-17:15 Roadmap for nano-metrology Isao Kojima 15 min
SPM in Global Standards Daisuke Fujita 15 min
Discussion 10 min
17:15-17:40 General Discussion 25 min

Atomic resolution imaging on molecular system I, II (Mon. 17, July)
No. hour name title
Mo-1 9:20-9:40 Christian Loppacher Self-assembly of alkyl phosphonic acids on mica and graphite
Mo-2 9:40-10:00 Jeffrey M. Mativetsky High Resolution NC-AFM of PTCDA Molecules on Nanostructured KBr
Mo-3 10:00-10:20 Takashi Ichii Submolecular-scale Studies on Metal-phthalocyanine Ultrathin Films using NC-AFM and Its Related Techniques
Mo-4 10:50-11:10 Shukichi Tanaka FM-NCAFM Investigation of Individual Organic Molecules on Insulating Substrates
Mo-5 11:10-11:30 Kingo Itaya Surface Structures of Pentacene Thin Films Using NC-AFM
Mo-6 11:30-11:50 Masanori Harada Theoretical investigation of AFM image resolution of organic molecules

Imaging biological molecules under various conditions I, II (Mon. 17, July)
No. hour name title
Mo-7 13:30-13:50 Hirofumi Yamada Subnanometer-resolution Imaging of Molecules in Liquid by FM-AFM
Mo-8 13:50-14:10 Jaime Colchero From low oscillation to "no" oscillation dynamic NC-SFM in air
Mo-9 14:10-14:30 Takeshi Fukuma Molecular Resolution Imaging of Lipid Bilayers in Liquid by Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
Mo-10 15:00-15:20 Hendrik Hölscher Measurement of Contour Maps of Tip-Sample Interactions on DPPC and Single Stranded DNA by Dynamic Force Spectroscopy in Air
Mo-11 15:20-15:40 Toshio Ando Rapid Scan Atomic Force Microscopy
Mo-12 15:40-16:00 Bart W. Hoogenboom Frequency-modulation scanning force microscopy for biology
Mo-13 16:00-16:20 Giovanni Di Santo High resolution imaging of DNA at RT and LT: from Contact to AM-AFM

Instrumentation and techniques I, II (Tue. 18, July)
No. hour name title
Tu-1 9:00-9:20 Hendrik Hölscher The quest for high resolution in air and liquids: The role of tip-sample forces in Q-controlled force microscopy
Tu-2 9:20-9:40 Ryusuke Hirose Simultaneous observation of dielectric properties and tunneling current using non-contact scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy
Tu-3 9:40-10:00 Daiko Takamatsu Photoswitching single-molecular tip for chemical analysis by NC-AFM
Tu-4 10:00-10:20 Toshu An Atomically-Resolved Imaging by Low Temperature-FM-AFM using a Quartz Length-Extension Resonator
Tu-5 10:50-11:10 Takuya Matsumoto Time-resolved scanning force microscopy
Tu-6 11:10-11:30 Shigeki Kawai Small amplitude dynamic force microscopy operating at 4.7 MHz
Tu-7 11:30-11:50 Masayuki Abe Feed-forward acquisition mode for imaging, force spectroscopy and potential mapping at room temperature

Measuring nanoscale magnetic and electronic properties I, II (Tue. 18, July)
No. hour name title
Tu-8 13:30-13:50 Alexander Schwarz Magnetic Exchange Force Microscopy
Tu-9 13:50-14:10 Thilo R. Glatzel Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy - Limits of Resolution
Tu-10 14:10-14:30 Rene Schmidt Hydrogen-altered Gd(0001) surfaces investigated by dynamic force microscopy
Tu-11 15:00-15:20 Toyoko Arai Spectroscopic study of chemical resonating states by bias voltage nc-AFM/S
Tu-12 15:20-15:40 Yasuo Azuma Coulomb Blockade Phenomena Observed by Noncontact Atomic-Force Spectroscopy
Tu-13 15:40-16:00 Hikaru Nomura Charge distributuion measurement on CaF2(111)/Si(111) surface by electostatic force imaging
Tu-14 16:00-16:20 Masashi Ishii Photon introduction to electrostatic force microscope for nano-spectroscopy

Tip-sample interaction and atomic distinction I, II (Wed. 19, July)
No. hour name title
We-1 9:00-9:20 Yoshitaka Naitoh Influence of surface stress on the phase change in Si(001) step measured by NC-AFM at 5K
We-2 9:20-9:40 Yasuhiro Sugawara The Origin of Anomalous Dissipation Contrast on Si(001) Surface at 5K
We-3 9:40-10:00 Lev Kantorovich Probing the Si(001) surface with a Si tip: an ab initio study
We-4 10:00-10:20 Óscar Custance Force Spectroscopy: a tool for single-atom chemical recognition at semiconductors
We-5 11:00-11:20 Pablo Bell Pou Chemical force and tip-surface elasticity: understanding the short-range force curves in atomic resolution dynamic force microscopy
We-6 11:20-11:40 Yoshihide Seino Distinction of intermixed ionic atoms on insulating surface of (Ca,Sr)F2
We-7 11:40-12:00 Olli Pakarinen Chemical specificity and defect characterization on MgO(001)

Atomic resolution imaging on insulators and oxides I II (Wed. 19, July)
No. hour name title
We-8 13:40-14:00 Sabine Maier Heteroepitaxial growth of NaCl and KBr
We-9 14:00-14:20 Regina Hoffmann Simulations of a KBr cluster with two possible states in a double-well potential
We-10 14:20-14:40 Sebastian Gritschneder Order and Complexity in the Surface Structure of Alumina on Ni3Al(111)
We-11 15:20-15:40 Markus Heyde Frequency modulated atomic force microscopy on MgO(001) thin films: Atomic resolution and site dependent short-range interaction forces
We-12 15:40-16:00 Akira Sasahara Kelvin probe force microscope analysis of Pt clusters on TiO2 surface
We-13 16:00-16:20 Jeppe V. Lauritsen Point defect and adsorbate identification on TiO2(110) by nc-AFM
We-14 16:20-16:40 Franz J. Gieesibl Subatomic resolution of the front atom of a metallic AFM tip by CO molecules on Cu(111)
We-15 16:40-17:00 Markus Maier Atomic resolution AFM on NaCl at 5 K using the QPlus sensor

Atomic scale manipulation and assembly of nanostructures I, II (Thu. 20, July)
No. hour name title
Th-1 9:00-9:20 Yoshiaki Sugimoto Interchange vertical manipulation of single atoms and nanostructuring
Th-2 9:20-9:40 Pavel Jelinek Atomic pathways during the manipulation of single atoms at semiconductor surfaces using NC-AFM
Th-3 9:40-10:00 Ivan Štich Sn, Ge adatom exchange on Ge(111)-c(2x8): true lateral manipulation?
Th-4 10:00-10:20 Sabine Hirth The mechanism of force controlled lateral manipulation of atomic size defects on CaF2(111)
Th-5 11:00-11:20 Thomas Trevethan Simulations of controlled single atom manipulation in insulating surfaces
Th-6 11:20-11:40 Lars A Zimmerli Formation of Molecular Wires on KBr Nanostructures

Poster Session I (Mon. 17, July)
Instrumentation and techniques
No name title
P1-1 Keiichi Hayashi "Van der Pol" Self-excited Microcantilever with PZT Actuator and Sensor
P1-2 Makoto Endo Scanning Nonlinear Magnetic Microscopy
P1-3 Kenya Ishikawa Scanning Nonlinear Dielectric Microscope using Electro-Conductive Carbon Nanotube Probe Tip
P1-4 Minhwan Lee Geometric artifact suppressed surface potential measurement
P1-5 Nobuo Satoh Dynamic Force Microscopy using Dissipative Force Modulation for Near-field Light Detection
P1-6 Dong-Yeon Lee Design of a Tip-scanning Head for an Atomic Force Microscope
P1-7 S. Torbrügge AFM Investigation of Precision-Machined Technical Fluorite Surfaces
P1-8 Shigeki Kawai Atomically resolved amplitude modulation dynamic force microscopy with a high resonance and quality factor cantilever
P1-9 Lutz Tröger Optimum excitation and detection of cantilever oscillation in vacuum
P1-10 Kenjiro Kimura 2D carrier profiling on operating Si-MOSFET by SCFM and SCM
P1-11 Yutaka Miyatake Low-Temperature AFM using self-detective Cantilever
P1-12 Mehrdad Atabak Quantitative imaging of lateral stiffness using sub-Angstrom oscillation amplitude nc-AFM
P1-13 Eika Tsunemi Development of a multi-probe AFM system with self-sensing cantilevers
P1-14 Koichiro Honda Visualization of charges localized in the thin gate film of MONOS type Flash memory using the SNDM
Atomic resolution imaging on molecular systems
No name title
P1-15 Kingo Itaya Structures of Single-Crystals of Orhganic Semiconductors
P1-16 Matthew B Watkins Molecular manipulation on metal oxide surfaces: theoretical predictions
P1-17 Masatoshi Ikeda SPM Observation of Ru(II) Complexes on Rutile TiO2(110)
P1-18 Shin-ichi Yamamoto Scanning Conductive Probe Microscopy of Pyrrole Molecules Incorporated into Chemically Adsorbed Monolayer
P1-19 Mitsuru Inada SPM observation of chiral-porphyrin molecules on titanium dioxide surface
Highest resolution imaging on bio-molecules
No name title
P1-20 Susana Tobenas Influence of the substrate when imaging DNA in amplitude modulation-AFM
P1-21 Takashi Horiuchi Development of low-noise deflection sensor for FM-AFM and its application to biological imaging
Characterization and modification of force microscopy tips at the atomic scale
No name title
P1-22 Hiroaki Azehara Force Measurements with Chemically Defined Carbon Nanotube Tips
P1-23 Zubaida A. Ansari AFM Si tip with Ge clusters with capability of remolding by heating
Measuring tip-sample interaction potentials and mapping force fields
No name title
P1-24 Shin-ichi Yamamoto Potential Imaging of ferritin with Fe nano-particles by Kelvin Probe Force Microscope
P1-25 Tobias Kunstmann Force spectroscopy on PTCDA grown on KBr(001)
P1-26 Manhee Lee Confinement-Induced Phase Transition of Water
P1-27 Manhee Lee Formation, Manipulation, and Elasticity Measurement of a Nanometric Column of Water Molecules
P1-28 Yu-Shiu Lo Specific Interactions between Dopamine and Dopamine Receptors Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy
P1-29 Takashi Namikawa Tip-surface interaction potential mapping at room-temperature using non-contact atomic force microscopy
P1-30 Osamu Kubo Atomic force variations on composite systems based  on single-walled carbon nanotubes
Mechanisms for damping and energy dissipation
No name title
P1-31 Oded Gottlieb The influence of damping mechanicsms on multi-mode NC-AFM dynamics
P1-32 Markus Fendrich Molecular resolution in dissipation: PTCDA grown on KBr(001)
P1-33 Sabar Derita Hutagalung Images profile on the high rougness surface of silicon nanowires grown on Si(100) substrate
P1-34 Jin-Ye Wang Atomic Force Microscope Observation on Biomembrance before and After Peroxidation
P1-35 Tsutomu Sonoda An AFM Study on the Surface Structure of TiN/Ti Multi-Layered Films Deposited onto Ti-Based Alloy Substrates by Magnetron Sputtering
P1-36 Michal Jerzy Wozniak Application of the Phase Imaging and Force Modulation Mode for Description of Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in Polyol Matrix
P1-37 Massimiliano Labardi Stability of dynamic force microscopy in the self-oscillator mode
P1-38 Massimiliano Labardi Non-contact friction force microscopy based on quartz tuning fork sensors
P1-39 Shuhei Nishida Atomic Resolution Imaging in Water with the Second Flexural Mode using Optical excitation and Doppler velocimetry

Poster Session II (Tue. 18, July)
Atomic resolution imaging on insulating substrates, semiconductors, and metals
No name title
P2-1 Yoshitaka Naitoh The origin of p(2x1) phase on Si(001) surface by NC-AFM at 5 K
P2-2 Yoshimichi Namai NC-AFM observations of atomic scale structures of TiO2(110) surface prepared under the atmosphere
P2-3 Shota Yoshikawa Simultaneous NC-AFM imaging of SrF2 and Si(111) surfaces
P2-4 Toshitaka Kubo NC-AFM and STM studies on the rutile TiO2(011) surface
P2-5 Mona C. Christensen Atomic-scale Investigation of hydroxylation-effects on Al2O3(0001) surfaces
P2-6 Sebastian Gritschneder Surface Chemistry of CeO2(111) Revealed by Dynamic Force Microscopy
P2-7 Atsushi Ishiyama High-resolution imaging and manipulation on KBr(100) at low temperature
P2-8 Akihiro Ohiso Thermal vs. tip-induced movement of substitutional Pb adatoms at the Ge(111)-c(2x8) surface
P2-9 Akihira Miyachi Observation of chalcogenide material surface for phase change memory (PRAM) using NC-AFM
P2-10 Shintaro Fujii Creating and imaging defects on CaF2(111) with non-contact atomic force microscopy
P2-11 Özgur H. Özer Simultaneous measurement of force gradient, topography, tunnel current and barrier height with sub-Angstrom amplitudes
P2-12 Simon J. O'Brien Ultra-low amplitude AFM/STM of rutile TiO2(110): simultaneous measurement of tunnelling, force-gradient, barrier-height and phase
P2-13 Insook Yi NC-AFM study on atomic structure of Ge clusters on Si(111)-(7x7)
Atomic scale manipulation and assembly of nanostructures
No name title
P2-14 Kuniko Kimura Alignment technique for polymer molecules using AFM with constant dynamic friction force
P2-15 Ramsés V. Martínez Nanolithography Based on the Formation and Manipulation of Nanometer-size Liquid Menisci by amplitude modulation AFM
P2-16 Natalia Martsinovich Theory of Manipulation of C60 on the Si(001) Surface
P2-17 Hikaru Sano Surface potential microscopy for photochemical degradation of self-assembled hexadecyl monolayers on silicon
P2-18 Shigeki Kawai Atom manipulation on the Si(111)-(7x7) surface with small amplitude dynamic force microscopy operating at room temperature
P2-19 Ryuji Nishi Lateral manipulation of single atomic defect on ionic crystal surface
Imaging and spectroscopy in liquid environment
No name title
P2-20 Takaharu Okajima Thermal fluctuation spectroscopy of living cell surfaces with AFM
P2-21 Masami Kageshima Measuring viscoelastic response of single biomolecule under forced unfolding process
P2-22 Ken Nakajima Single polymer chain viscosity investigated by dynamic force spectroscopy
P2-23 Takeshi Fukuma Influence of Contamination from Cantilever Coatings on Atomic Force Microscopy Experiments in Aqueous Environments
P2-24 Atsushi Ikai Bond Disruption in a Series of Non-Covalently Associated Biological Components
P2-25 Yoshihiro Aburaya Photoisomerization-Based Hydrophilicity/Hydrophobicity Control of AFM Probe toward Detection of Surface Polarization
Measuring nanoscale charges, work function, and magnetic properties
No name title
P2-26 AnnaMaria Cucolo Low temperature MFM experiments on La0.7Ca0.3MnO3-d films
P2-27 Fumihiko Yamada Surface Potential Microscopy of Adsorbates on Insulating Materials: Imaging and Modeling
P2-28 Kumiko Hiehata The local work function of a Pt/TiO2 photocatalyst probed by Kelvin force microscopy
P2-29 Yuji Miyato Surface Potential Measurements of SWNTs by FM-KFM
P2-30 Ulrich Zerweck Photovoltage measurement by means of Kelvin probe force microscopy
P2-31 Kenichiro Kawasaki Electrostatic Force Spectroscopy on Insulating Surface CaF2(111)/Si(111) by using NC-AFM
P2-32 Taichi Nishio Control of device characteristics of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with locally polarized domains of P (VDF/TrFE) thin film
P2-33 Masaru Kishida Carbon Nanotube Tip Coated One-sidedly with Magnetic Materials for Magnetic Force Microscopy
P2-34 Leo Merz Influence of water adsorption on contact potential differences (CPDs)
Theoretical analysis of contrast mechanisms
No name title
P2-35 Takuya Iida Theoretical Study of the Resonant-Light-Induced Force Microscopy
P2-36 Hendrik Hölscher Simulation of Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy of Ag(110)
P2-37 Matthew B. Watkins Defect chemistry on Ceria (111) surfaces: experiment and theory
Simulation of images and virtual SFM systems
No name title
P2-38 Janos Kokavecz Investigation of the speed of the probe by virtual frequency modulated atomic force microscope
P2-39 Naruo Sasaki Effect of Tip Size on Chaos in Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy
P2-40 Akira Masago NC-AFM simulations on methyl-terminated Si(100)2x1 surfaces
P2-41 Katsunori Tagami Simulated nc-AFM images of alcohol molecule in alkane SAM
P2-42 Alexandros Kalampokidis Modelling of NC-AFM imaging of alkanethiols on Au(111)
Tapping mode versus non-contact mode imaging
No name title
P2-43 Tianwei Jing High resolution non contact AFM study with MAC ModeTM
P2-44 Ing-Shouh Hwang Imaging of Soft Matters with Tapping-Mode AFM and NC-AFM
P2-45 Naritaka Kobayashi High-sensitive phase modulation AFM (PM-AFM)

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