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13th International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy


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Guidelines for Proceedings Submission

  Full-length original research papers presented at NC-AFM 2010 will be considered for inclusion in e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology (e-JSSNT). All papers will be refereed according to the usual standard of quality for the journal. The authors of the proceeding papers need not to pay any extra charge for publication (the NC-AFM 2010 Organizing committee will pay necessary charges).
  An average length of submitted papers is expected to be between 5 and 9 journal pages assuming about 900 words per page (figures and diagrams to count as approximately 200 words). However, this length limitation is not a strict one, but just a guide.
  Please note that papers will be published only on line. The journal, e-JSSNT, has the following features.

i) Fully open access
ii) Color figures without additional charge
iii)Direct links to references through JOIS, PubMed, CrossRef, ChemPort, etc.
    (Papers can be searched by Google Scholar etc.)
iv)Movies, animations, CG, etc. can be added as Electronic Appendix.
v) Published one by one without waiting for the last paper of the Proceedings

Peer-reviewed/no author charge

【Manuscript preparation】

  We strongly recommend you to visit “Manuscript Preparation” section in the website of e-JSSNT (http://www.sssj.org/ejssnt/) upon the preparation of your manuscript. The followings are instruction for the manuscript preparation specific to e-JSSNT.

i) Format of main text
  It is strongly recommended that the main text is prepared in LaTex format, though an MS-Word file is also acceptable.
  In the case of LaTex: We recommend you to use a sample source file (http://www.sssj.org/ejssnt/ejssntTeX/template.tex). You also need a definition file (http://www.sssj.org/ejssnt/ejssntTeX/ejssnt.tex), which should be located in the same folder as the source file in your computer when compiled. You do not need to modify the definition file. Since the sample source file is available under RevTex4 environment, you need to install proper tools from The American Physical Society.
  In the case of MS-Word: Please use the following sample file: (http://www.sssj.org/ejssnt/ejssnt_word_sample.doc).

ii) Keywords
  Authors are requested to supply a maximum of eight (minimum of three) keywords, five from our keyword list (http://www.sssj.org/ejssnt/Keywords_ejssnt.pdf), and the other three are not necessarily taken from the list.

iii) Appendices
  You can add Appendices for subsidiary subjects such as derivations of some equations, calibration of some experimental parameters, and so on. You can add movies, animations, CG, and so on as Electronic Appendix. Any formats of file are acceptable, but you should consider about the readers who may not have Media Player nor Quick Time. Animation GIF format is recommended. You can add several files in different formats as an Electronic Appendix.

iv) Format of figures and illustrations
  Figures and illustrations are acceptable only in TIFF, JPG, EPS or MS Office files (Word, Excel, Power Point) format. The authors are encouraged to use color figures and illustrations for clarity. The followings are instructions for respective formats.
   In the case of EPS: When color is involved, it should be encoded as RGB. Please always include/embed fonts and only use the followings in your artwork: Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Times, and Symbol.
  In the case of TIFF and JPEG: Ensure that files are supplied with sufficiently high resolution.
  In the case of MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint figures): Be careful about special characters. Some of them are not transferred correctly from your computer to ours.

【Manuscript submission】

 Proceeding papers should be submitted to: http://ess.jstage.jst.go.jp/contrib/EJSSNT/initialsubmission/-char/en
i) Upon submission, please select:
 Issue type: conference proceedings
 Paper Type: Conference-NC-AFM
ii) Do not use special characters, two-byte characters or space in file names.
iii) Please include the NC-AFM 2010 Abstract Number in the first page of the manuscript.
iv) You can submit all the files at one time through the above Online Submission Page. The extensions of acceptable files are .txt, .tex, .doc, .tif, .jpg, .eps, .ppt, and .xls. The total size of these files should be less than 50MB per paper.

【manuscript submission deadline】

30 September 2010