13th International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy


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Sunday, 1st August

09:30 Opening Remarks

Toyoko Arai

AFM/STM                                                                                Chair: M. Reichling

09:50    Simultaneous force and current measurements on single adatoms

M. Ternes, C.P. Lutz, F.J. Giessibl, A.J. Heinrich

10:10    Theoretical understanding of the current and the chemical force in
              atomicscale contact.

              C. Gonzalez, M. Ondráček, P. Hapala, P. Jelinek

10:30    Theoretical study of forces and currents measured by NC-AFM on Carbon
             Based Materials

              P. Pou, D. Fernández, R. Peréz.

10:50    Coffee

Novel Methods I                                                                       Chair: A. Schwarz

11:20    Ultrasensitive detection by bimodal dynamic force microscopy with flexural
             and torsional modes

              S. Kawai, T. Glatzel, S. Koch, B. Such, A. Baratoff, and E. Meyer

11:40    True atomic resolution with the static deflection of the cantilever

              H. Ö. Özer, S. J. O’Brien, A. O. and J. B. Pethica

12:00    Small-amplitude dynamic force microscopy using a quartz cantilever
             combined with an optical interferometer

              K. Morita, Y. Sugimoto, Y. Sasagawa, M. Abe, and S.Morita

12:20    Force mapping and quantitative elasticity evaluation using the Brownian
             Motion of an AFM tip

              G. Malegori, G. Ferrini

12:40    Lunch

Manipulation                                                                            Chair: R. Pérez

14:40    Measurement of atom hopping probability and interaction force during
             atom manipulation on the Si(111)-(7x7) surface

              Y. Sugimoto, M. Abe, and S. Morita

15:00    Atom Manipulation and Force Spectroscopy on Cu(110)-O Surface with
             Low Temperature Noncontact AFM

              Y. Sugawara, Y. Kinoshita, Y. Naitoh, M. Kageshima, Y. J. Li

15:20    Flipping atomic dominoes: Phase injection on Si(100) by qPlus AFM at

              A. Sweetman, R. Danza, S. Jarvis, L. Kantorovich, P. Moriarty

15:40    Motion of Sb nanoparticles on HOPG: simulation study of frictional duality

              J. Brndiar, R. Turansky, I. Štich

16:00    Coffee

KPFM I                                                                                     Chair: T. Glatzel

16:30    Theory of KPFM image simulation and application to Si surfaces

              M.Tsukada, A. Masago and M. Shimizu

16:50    New Insights on Atomic Resolution FM- KPFM Imaging of emiconductors

              S. Sadewasser, P. Jelinek, C.K. Fang, O. Custance, Y. Sugimoto, M. Abe
              and S.Morita

17:10    Towards understanding of atomic scale KPFM imaging

              S. Davies and L. Kantorovich

Poster Session I

17:45    Poster session I & Coffee Service (17:45 - 20:00)

Monday, 2nd August

Liquid systems                                                                        Chair: C. Kranz

09:30    Understanding NC-AFM imaging in solution: atomistic simulations.

              M. Watkins, A. Shluger

09:50    Microscopic Investigations of Electrified Solid-Liquid Interfaces Using
              FM-AFM: Beyond Electrochemical STM

              Y. Yokota, K. Umeda, T. Harada, and K. Fukui

10:10    FM-AFM study of thiol-modified gold films immersed in organic solvents

              T. Hiasa, K. Kimura, H. Onishi, R. Kokawa, M. Ohta, K. Watanabe,
              M. Yamazaki, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi and H. Yamada

10:30    Temperature dependent viscosity of liquids near a solid substrate

              W. Hofbauer, S.J. O’Shea

10:50    Coffee

Spectroscopy                                                                          Chair: S. Morita

11:20    Magnetic Exchange Force Spectroscopy with Atomic Resolution

           A. Schwarz, R. Schmidt, C. Lazo, U. Kaiser, S. Heinze, and R.Wiesendanger

11:40   3D oscillatory short-range force field above NaCl(001) at room temperature

              S. Kawai, T. Glatzel, S. Koch, A. Baratoff, E. Meyer

12:00    Force Field Spectroscopy of the h-BN Nanomesh on Rh(111)

              S. Koch, M. Langer, S. Kawai, J. Lobo-Checa, T. Brugger, T. Greber,
              E. Meyer   and T. Glatzel

12:20    Understanding force spectroscopy in TiO2 with mechanically stable tips

D. Fernández-Torre, A. Yurtsever, C. González, P. Jelinek, P. Pou, Y. Sugimoto, M. Abe, S. Morita, R Peréz

12:40    Lunch

High Resolution Imaging I                                                                    Chair: F. Giessibl

14:40    Atomic-resolution imaging of individual molecules with noncontact-AFM

              F. Mohn, L. Gross, N. Moll and G. Meyer

15:00    Determination of the Adsorption Geometry of Co-Salen on Bulk NaCl(001)
with Atomic Resolution

              K. Lämmle, A. Schwarz, and R. Wiesendanger

15:20  Sub-molecular resolution of C60 investigated by nc-AFM at low temperature

              R. Pawlak, S. Kawai, S. Fremy, T. Glatzel and E. Meyer

15:40    The interaction of polar organic molecules with alkali halide substrates
             and induced surface restructuring

              T. Trevethan, B. Such, T. Glatzel, E. Meyer and A. L.Shluger

16:00    Coffee

Electronic Properties                                                              Chair: A. Foster

16:30    Charge State Characterisation of Defects on Oxide Surfaces by Dynamic
              Force Microscopy

              M. Heyde, L. Heinke, T. König, L. Lichtenstein, G. H. Simon, H.-J. Freund

16:50    Strong coupling between a few-electron quantum dot and AFM cantilever

              Y. Miyahara, L. Cockins, S. D. Bennett, A. A. Clerk, and P. Grutter

17:10    Ultra low temperature AFM investigations of a deep two-dimensional
             electron gas (2DEG)

              A. Lal, J. Hedberg, Y. Miyahara, G. Gervais, P. Grutter, M. Hilke,
             L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West

Poster Session II

17:45    Poster session I & Coffee Service (17:45 - 20:00)

Tuesday, 3rd August

KPFM II                                                                                                  Chair: P. Jelinek

09:10    Kelvin probe force microscopy on polar CuInSe2 {112}A,B surfaces and
             different atomic structures of step edges

              R. Baier, S. Lehmann, S. Sadewasser, J. Albert, D. F. Marron, and M. C.             Lux-Steiner

09:30    Characterization of tip charge state in nc-AFM and KPFM

              T. Hynninen, C. Barth, M. Bieletzki, T. M. Soini, M. Pivetta, C. R. Henry,
              A. S.
Foster, F. Esch, U. Heiz

09:50    Low magnetic signals measured by a combination of MFM and KPFM

              M. Jaafar, J. Gömez-Herrero, A. Asenjo

10:10    Graphene on Ru(0001): a combined STM, NC-AFM and FM-KPFM study

              S. Torbrugge, S. Schmitt, J. Rychen, O. Schaff

10:30    Coffee

High Resolution Imaging II                                                                    Chair: H. Onishi

11:00    The morphology of CeO2(111) revealed by atomic resolution NC-AFM

              H. H. Pieper, S. Torbrugge, M. Cranney, S. Bahr and M. Reichling

11:20    Solving the structure of the polar MgAl2O4 (100) surface with NC-AFM

              M. K. Rasmussen, J. V. Lauritsen, B. Hinnemann, A. Foster, F. L. F. Canova,

F. Besenbacher

11:40    NC-AFM imaging of clean and hydrogen-terminated diamond C(100)

M. Nimmrich, M. Kittelmann, P. Rahe, A. Mayne, G. Dujardin, A. V. Schmidsfeld, M. Reichling, W. Harneit and A. Kuhnle

12:00    Tailoring the morphology of organic thin films on alkali-halides

              J. M. Topple, S. A. Burke, S. Fostner, A. Tekiel and P. Grutter

12:20    Lunch

Novel Methods II                                                                                    Chair: H. Yamada

13:40    Surface Potential Measurements by Frequency Modulation Atomic Force
              Microscopy in Aqueous Solution

              T. Fukuma, H. Asakawa, N. Kobayashi

14:00    Force Enhancement of Phase Modulation AFM in Liquid by Q-control

              N. Kobayashi, Y. J. Li, Y. Naitoh, M. Kageshima and  Y. Sugawara

14:20    Analysis of the Phase-Modulation Technique: Advantages and
             Disadvantages compared to Amplitude- and Frequency-Modulation

              H. Hölscher

14:40    3D dynamic force spectroscopy on KBr(001) at low temperature with a tuning fork           sensor

              S. Fremy, S. Kawai, R. Pawlak, T. Glatzel, A. Baratoff and E. Meyer

15:00    Free Time

18:30    NCAFM2010 Conference Banquet

Wednesday, 4th August

Liquid Systems II                                                                                  Chair: H. Hoelscher

09:30    Molecular-Scale Investigations of Hydration Structures on DNA Molecules
              in Liquids by FM-AFM

              S. Ido, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsushige and H. Yamada

09:50    Submolecular-scale imaging of tubulin assemblies by FM-AFM in liquid

              H. Asakawa, K. Ikegami, T. Hayasaka, M. Setou and T. Fukuma

10:10    High-resolution imaging of ferritin by bimodal magnetic AFM in liquid

              C. Dietz, E. T. Herruzo, J. L. R. Lozano, R. Garcia

10:30    Soft-contact AFM imaging in liquid with torsion mode

              I. Hwang, C. Yang, P. Su

10:50    Closing Remarks

Toyoko Arai

Poster Session I                                       Sunday, 1st August

P1-1-1  Atomic Resolution of Mn on Cu(110)-O Surface Investigated by
Z. Ma, Y. Naitoh, Y. J. Li, and Y. Sugawara

P1-1-2  Temperature-dependent behaviour of Ni on the MgAl2O4 (100) surface

              K. Meinander, M. K. Rasmussen, and J. V. Lauritsen

P1-1-3  Atomic-resolution DFM / STM imaging and spectroscopy on Au(111)

              S. Torbrügge, V. Friedli, J. Rychen, O. Schaff

P1-1-4  Electrostatic potential fluctuations on passivated Si surfaces measured by              integrated AFM-STM

              L. Bolotov, T. Tada, M. Iitake, M. Nishizawa, T. Kanayama

P1-1-5  3,4,9,10-perylene-tetracaboxylic-dianhydride on alkali halide (001)

              D. V. Vörden, M. Lange and R. Möller

P1-1-6  Dynamic force microscopy study of Ag/Si(111)7x7 using a
              low-temperature tuning fork atomic force microscope

              M. Lange, D. V. Vörden and R. Möller

P1-1-7  Fabrication of a ferroelectric organic field effect transistor

              P. Milde, U. Zerweck, V. Hoffmann, K. Haubner, E. Jahne, and L. M. Eng

P1-1-8  Study Force Distribution on NaCl(100)/Cu(111) surface by AFM

              Y. J. Li, K. Tenjin, Y. Naitoh, and Y. Sugawara

P1-1-9  Comparison of Tapping and FM-AFM in Various Environments

              S. Rode, F. Loske, M. Reichling, A. Kühnle

P1-1-10 An atomic-scale contact studied by ultra-small amplitude dynamic force               microscopy

              S. Kawai, T. Glatzel, S. Koch, A. Baratoff, and E. Meyer

P1-1-11 Non-contact AFM spectroscopy and imaging in the pendulum mode

              M. Kisiel, U. Gysin and E. Meyer

P1-1-12  Study of SrTiO3(100) reconstructed surfaces by non-contact scanning
 nonlinear dielectric microscopy

              N. Kin and Y. Cho

P1-1-13  NC-AFM study of dye-sensitized TiO2 electrodes

              K. Fujio, N. Koide, H. Katayama, K. Kimura, H. Onishi

P1-1-14  Effects of heat treatment on gem corundum: An AFM approach

              S. Pongkrapan, W. Wongkokua, and P. Wathanakul

P1-1-15 Role of tip-sample interaction force in Cu atom manipulation on
              Cu(110)-O surface with LT-AFM.

              Y. Kinoshita, Y. Naitoh, Y. J. Li and Y. Sugawara

P1-2-1  Atomic Force Microscopy meets Field Ion Microscopy

              J. Falter, D.-A.Braun, H. Hölscher, U. D. Schwarz, A. Schirmeisen and
              H. Fuchs

P1-2-2  Stiffness and sensitivity of AFM cantilevers in air versus liquids

              D. R. Kiracofe, A. Raman

P1-2-3  Developments of stress/strain fields scanning probe microscopy

              H. Guo, D. Fujita

P1-2-4  NC-AFM Force Sensor based on the pulled Nanopipette with QTF

              S. An, K. Lee, M. Lee, J. Jahng, G. Moon and W. Jhe

P1-2-5  Optimization of a Veeco Multimode AFM for Operation in FM Mode

              S. Rode, R. Stark, J. Schütte, L. Tröger, A. Kühnle

P1-2-6  A practical guide to high effective Q-factors for cantilever based NC-AFM

J. Lübbe, L. Tröger, S. Torbrügge, R. Bechstein, C. Richter, A. Kühnle and M. Reichling

P1-2-7  Complete characterisation of cantilevers for precision NC-AFM in the

              J. Lübbe, S. Rode, P. Rahe, A. Kühnle and M. Reichling

P1-2-8  Noise figures of optimised, cantilever-based NC-AFM systems for high
              resolution imaging in the ultra-high vacuum

              J. Lübbe, F. Loske, A. Kühnle and M. Reichling

P1-2-9  Mechanics of Quartz Tuning-fork: Q-Control, Feedback Cooling, and
              Nonlinear Dynamics

              J. Jahng, M. Lee, S. Ahn and W. Jhe

P1-2-10  Development of high-speed FM-AFM for liquid-environment applications

              S. Yoshioka and T. Fukuma

P1-2-11 Dynamic Features of Damping Process due to Capillary Condensation

              S. Kwon, S. Chang, B. Sung, J. Kim and W. Jhe

P1-2-12 Molecular tip designed for single electron transfer analysis of redox
              processes by FM-AFM

              M. Takenaka, T. Miwa, R. N. Nadaf, Y. Yokota, and K. Fukui

P1-2-13 Nanoscale Friction Probed by Low Temperature Lateral Force

              K. Saitoh, K. Hayashi, Y. Shibayama and K. Shirahama

P1-2-14  Multiscale computations of Kelvin Probe NCAFM with atomic resolution

              A. Sadhegi, A. Ghasemi, S. Goedecker, A. Baratoff, T. Glatzel,E. Meyer

P1-2-15  Simulations of metastable states near the apex of a KBr tip

              R. Hoffmann and A. Baratoff

P1-2-16  Force on a conducting tip in proximity with thin dielectric film: Theory and               experiment

              K. S. Date, A. V. Kulkarni, C. V. Dharmadhikari

P1-2-17 Unbinding force of metal-crown complexes: force spectroscopy under               quasi-thermodynamic equilibrium

              W.-H. Tseng, C. Chen

P1-3-1  Electronic grain boundary properties of polycrystalline CuIn1-xGaxSe2 thin
             films studied by Kelvin probe force microscopy

              S. Sadewasser, R. Baier, J. Lehmann, S. Lehmann, T. Rissom, and M.C.             Lux-Steiner

P1-3-2  Distance dependent Kelvin probe force microscopy of charges and
              dipoles at surface steps

              R. Baier, C. Leendertz, M. C. Lux-Steiner, S. Sadewasser

P1-3-3  Electronic characterisation of graphene on insulating substrates using
             Kelvin-Probe measurements in UHV

              B. K. Buβmann, O. Ochedowski, F. Meinerzhagen and M. Schleberger

P1-3-4  Surface potential measurement of alkyl-chalcogenide self-assembled
             monolayers using Kelvin probe force microscopy

              T. Ichii, S. Ikebukuro, K. Miki, K. Murase, K. Ohe, H. Sugimura

P1-3-5  Stable layered structure at ionic liquid / solid interfaces observed by
              FM-AFM  measurements in ionic liquid

              T. Harada, Y. Yokota, and K. Fukui

P1-3-6  Ligand-induced conformational changes in N-terminal domain of  
N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor observed with atomic force microscopy

              Y. Shinozaki, K. Sumitomo and K. Torimitsu

P1-3-7  A solution-polyethylene interface studied by FM-AFM

              M. Yamazaki, M. Ohta, K. Watanabe, R. Kokawa, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi,
              and H. Yamada, H. Onishi

P1-3-8  FM-AFM in Ionic Liquids using Quartz Tuning Fork Sensor

              M. Fujimura, T. Ichii, K. Murase, and H. Sugimura

P1-3-9  Nonlinear dielectric dynamics of polymers probed by FM-EFM

              M. Labardi, K.H. Nguyen, D. Prevosto, S. Capaccioli, M. Lucchesi,
              P.A. Rolla

P1-3-10  Increasing the quality factor of microcantilever in fluid environment

              F. Castonguay, Y. Miyahara and P. Grütter

P1-3-11 Novel Force Spectroscopy and its application to Nano-Liquid Physics

              C. Stambaugh, M. Lee, and W. Jhe

P1-3-12 FM-AFM study on hydrophilic and hydrophobic metal oxides

              T. Hiasa, K. Kimura, H. Onishi, R. Kokawa, M. Ohta, K. Watanabe,
              M. Yamazaki, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi and H. Yamada

P1-3-13 Real Time Observation of Kcsa Channel Gating with Mechanical
              Stimulus by AFM

              M. Kitta, M. Hirano, T. Yanagida, H. Tanaka, T. Ide, T. Kawai.

P1-3-14  Simulating NC-AFM imaging of calcite in UHV and water

              B. Reischl and A. S. Foster

P1-3-15 Role of the tip in NC-AFM energy dissipation

              F. F. Canova and A. S. Foster

P1-3-16 Nanomanipulation of Au nanoclusters on the NaCl (100) surface by

              T. Hynninen, C. Barth, C. R. Henry, A. S. Foster

P1-3-17 Study of contrast inversion in NC AFM on Cu(111)

              R. Turansky and I. Štich

P1-3-18 ab initio Modelling of Anomalously Large Dissipation During NC-AFM
               Imaging of Si(001) Surface

              J. Bamidele, L. Kantorovitch

P1-3-19  Atomic Resolution nc-AFM imaging in a closed liquid cell

              U. Celik, D. Catcat, H. Ö. Özer, A. Oral  

Poster Session II                             Monday, 2nd August

P2-1-1  Ultrathin films of NaCl on Cu(111) with AFM

              L.L. Kou, K. Tenjin, Y. Naitoh, Y.J. Li and Y. Sugawara

P2-1-2  Simultaneous STM/AFM measurements on silicon surfaces

              M. Setvin, Z. Majzik, V. Cháb and P. Jelinek

P2-1-3  Step-in mode NC-AFM for CD measurement of fine structure in air

              S. Hosaka, D. Terauchi, T. Takizawa, Y. Yin, and H. Sone

P2-1-4  FM-AFM observation of TiO2(100) surfaces in water

              C. L. Pang, A. Sasahara, M. Tomitori

P2-1-5  Investigation of local electrical properties of organic thin films by
              dual-probe atomic force microscopy

              M. Hirose, E. Tsunemi, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsushige, H. Yamada

P2-1-6  Charge localization in Fe3O4(001) surface studied by Non-contact
              Atomic Force Microscopy

              T. Mizuno, H. Hosoi, A. Subagyo, and K. Sueoka

P2-1-7  NC-AFM imaging and manipulation of oxidized graphene sheets

              S. Fujii and T. Enoki

P2-1-8  Self-organization of α-lactalbumin on a H-passivated Si(111)-7x7 surface
           studied at atmospheric pressure using non-contact atomic force microscopy

Z. A. Ansari, T. Sakuishi, Y. Zhang, N. Oyabu, R. Kokawa, K. Kobayashi,T. Arai, F. Ahmad, H. Yamada, M. Tomitori

P2-1-9    Imaging NanoDielectrics with Electrostatic Force Microscopy

R. Arinero, C. Riedel, G. Schwartz, N. Israeloff, A. Alegria, P. Tordjeman and J. Colmenero.

P2-1-10   AFM/STM Simultaneous Imaging of the Si4 Tetramer

              D. Sawada, R. Takimoto, N. Hirayama, Y. Sugimoto, M. Abe, and S. Morita

P2-1-11    AFM observations of Au Nanoparticles synthesized by
                sputter-deposition in ionic liquids, after immobilization on TiO2(110)

                  S. Suzuki, Y. Ohta, K. Okazaki, S. Kuwabata, T. Torimoto

P2-1-12    Reconstitution and AFM observation of Photosynthetic Membrane
Assembly in Artificial Planar Lipid Bilayers

  A. Sumino, T. Dewa, N. Sasaki, N. Watanabe, H. Hashimoto, T. Morii,
M. Nango

P2-1-13   In situ characterization of exposed e-beam resist using AFM technique

                 C. Mitzkus, C. D. Savio, H. Koop, M. Zech, D. Schnurbusch, M. Mueller, 
                 K. Karrai and A.Holleitner

P2-1-14  Atom manipulation and force measurement by atomic force microscopy

                H. Tanaka, M. Fukumoto, Y. Sugimoto, M. Abe, and S. Morita

P2-1-15  π-conjugated molecules on metal oxide surfaces analyzed by FM-AFM 
                 in  an environment-controlled atmosphere

                 H. Yamatani, T. Arai, R. Yamamura, Y. Ukai, T. Kawae, A. Morimoto,
                 H. Yonai, H. Murata, N. Oyabu, M. Ohta, R. Kokawa

P2-1-16   Nanoscale dimensional metrology and standardisation

                G. Dai, T. Dziomba, F. Pohlenz, H.-U. Danzebrink, L. Koenders

P2-1-17   Calibration of dynamic sensors for noncontact-atomic force microscopy

                 G. A. Shaw, J. R. Pratt, Z. J. Jabbour

P2-1-18   Compensating Amplitude-related Error for the Precise Probe
                 Characterization in FM-AFM

                 C. Wang, H. Itoh

P2-1-19       C. Clifford

P2-1-20       D. Fujita

P2-2-1  Dynamic Force Spectroscopy of Nano-Liquid by Hybrid AFM/STM

              B. Kim, M. Lee, W. Jhe

P2-2-2  Beats at nanocontacts for extremely sensitive phase-shift measurements

              M. T. Cuberes

P2-2-3  An analytical model for a Rugar-type, fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer
              including multiple reflections and angular misalignment

              P. R. Wilkinson and J. R. Pratt

P2-2-4  Inspection of tuning fork probe with angled long tip

              S. Higuchi,H. Kuramochi, O. Kubo, S. Masuda, Y. Shingaya, T. Nakayama

P2-2-5  Development of SPM instruments and tip preparation for force sensors

              T. Arai, T. Sakuishi, K. Hori and M. Tomitori

P2-2-6  Development of multi-environment dual-probe AFM system

              E. Tsunemi, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsushige, and H. Yamada

P2-2-7  Quantitative characterisation of magnetic force microscopy (MFM) tips in
             high homogeneous external magnetic fields

              D. Köhler, U. Zerweck, P. Milde, and L. M. Eng

P2-2-8  Theory of nonlinear dynamics control of cantilever by light-induced force               in optical microcavity system

              T. Iida, R. Ooka

P2-2-9  Analysis of hydration dynamics using cantilever’s higher eigenmodes

              T. Ogawa, S. Kurachi, M. Kageshima, Y. Naitoh, Y. J. Li and Y. Sugawara

P2-2-10  High spring constant cantilever with metal tip for small amplitude
               NC-AFM operation

              Y. Sasagawa, K. Morita, Y. Sugimoto, M. Abe and S. Morita

P2-2-11 Developing of AFM and AFM-Probes for low temperature UHV system

              Y.Miyatake, K.Miura, K. Morita, N. Sakamaki, X. Hu, T.Sasaki and

P2-2-12 Electrostatic force spectroscopy on semiconductor surfaces using 2nd
              flexural mode of cantilever oscillation

              Y. Naitoh, Y. Kinoshita, Y.-J. Li and Y. Sugawara

P2-2-13 Nanoscale analysis by combined spectroscopies based on non-contact
              atomic force microscopy under a bias voltage

              T. Arai, T. Ikeshima, K. Kiyohara and M. Tomitori

P2-2-14 Force Spectroscopy Using Bimodal Frequency Modulated Atomic Force               Microscopy

              M. D. Aksoy, A. Atalar

P2-2-15 Q-Dependent Dynamic Force Spectroscopy of Nano-scale Water based
               on the  QTF-AFM System

              K. Lee, S. An, M. Lee, J. Jahng and W. Jhe

P2-2-16  Impact of asymmetry tip structure on NC-AFM force mapping.

            H. J. Chung, Y. Sugimoto, A. Yurtsever, T. Namikawa, M. Abe, and S. Morita

P2-2-17 Study on stable self-oscillation criteria in FM-AFM

              Y. Hosokawa, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsushige and H. Yamada

P2-3-1  KPFM investigation of nanoscale phase segregated organic

              E. Spadafora, R. Demadrille, B. Ratier, and B. Grevin

P2-3-2  Development of highly sensitive electrostatic force detection method using
             small amplitude FM-AFM

              K. Nishi, Y. Hosokawa, K. Kobayashi, H. Yamada, and K. Matsusige

P2-3-3  Local potential mapping on carbon nanotube transistors using
              frequency-modulation Kelvin-probe force microscopy

              M. Ito, Y. Hosokawa, R. Nishi, Y. Miyato, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsushige
             and H. Yamada

P2-3-4  Computational Force Mapping of Atomic Force Microscopy on Si(111)-
              (5x5)-DAS Surfaces             

              A. Masago and M. Tsukada

P2-3-5  The interaction of metallic tips with ionic surfaces

              T. Trevethan, M. Watkins and A. L. Shluger

P2-3-6  Theoretical DFT study of STM/AFM measurements on Si(100) surface

              P. Mutombo, P. Jelinek

P2-3-7  Atomic and chemical resolution of metal surfaces using nc-AFM: a DFT             study

              M. Ondráček, P. Jelinek

P2-3-8  Microscopic Understanding of Solid/Liquid Interfaces for SPM Systems

- A First-principles Molecular Dynamics Approach -

              K. Akagi and M. Tsukada

P2-3-9  Theoretical study on forces under applied bias voltage from first-principles

              S. Watanabe, A. Tawara, D. Inazuka and T. Tada

P2-3-10 Realization of van der Pol-type self-excited FM-AFM (vdP-AFM)

              M. Kuroda, H. Yabuno, H. Kato, M. Ohta and R. Kokawa

P2-3-11 High-Resolution Imaging of Graphite (0001) Surface in Water by FMAFM

              K. Suzuki, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsushige, and H. Yamada.

P2-3-12  High-resolution FM-AFM in liquids using electrostatic excitation method

            K. Umeda, Y. Hirata, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsushige and H. Yamada

P2-3-14  Atomic resolution observation of soluble crystals in liquid by
                Frequency-Modulation AFM

S. Yamane, K. Nagashima, M. Abe, S. Morita, N. Oyabu, K. Kobayashi, H. Yamada, M. Yamazaki, M. Ohta, R. Kokawa

P2-3-15  High-resolution imaging by a stiff piezoelectric force sensor in liquid

                N. Oyabu, S. Torbrügge, K. Matsuda, J. Rychen, O. Schaff

P2-3-16  High Resolution Imaging in Liquid using an Improved Frequency
                Modulation Atomic Force Microscope

                K. Suzuki, S. Kitamura, S. Tanaka, K. Kobayashi, H. Yamada

P2-3-17 Comparison of the piezoacoustic and photothermal excitation methods in
               liquid environment 3D-FM-AFM

               A. Labuda, K. Suzuki, K. Kobayashi, P. Grutter, H. Yamada.

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